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Our islands have different "local" weather, topography, traffic patterns, and an infrastructure particular to that island. However, the following general information applies to all islands. To get specific tips, go down the choices on the left-hand menu.


Rental Cars are available on all islands but it is a VERY good idea to make your reservations well in advance of your arrival. Rental cars are frequently sold out, even in low season, because of popular local events. This is important, because on some islands, it is the only "practical" way to get around!


Warning! Don't get stuck in the "K" zone! When you rent a car, you have to read maps, follow directions and keep track of a lot of Hawaiian street names that may sound confusing to visitors; (sometimes they seem to all start with the letter "K" - followed by a strange collection of vowels (Kamehameha, Kapiolani, Kaulakaula, Kealakekua, Kaleopapa, Kuikini, Keihi... just to name a few).


In addition, North, South, East & West don't work here. The islands are not laid out in a grid. Think instead of: Mauka "Towards the Mountain," Makai "Towards the Ocean,"  and Kapakahi "Mixed-Up," (the way you feel when you can't find your way out of a small valley).


However, there are other options that can minimize your driving. For instance, many (if not most) of the activities, tours, and hotels offer pick up & delivery services. Courtesy pick-ups will also save you the frustration of finding a place to park when you reach your destination. If you're out at night, for instance on a dinner cruise, courtesy transportation can help you avoid driving after you've had perhaps too much "celebration"...










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