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Ancient Weapons Of Hawaii

It might seem a little odd that there has been a resurgence of interest in the ancient weapons of Hawaii, especially in the current technological age, until you take a look at it as part of a of a larger trend.


Lua: The Hawaiian Martial Art

Many people of Hawaiian ancestry are seeking to preserve their cultural identity, and the Hawaiian martial art known as Lua is part of that identity.


Teaching the art of Lua and the use of the ancient weapons of Hawaii was forbidden, or kapu under old Hawaiian law, so until now, masters such as Kolomona Solomon Kaihewalu have been reluctant to reveal their secrets.


ancient-weapons-of-hawaii-2 This has been accompanied by a more scholarly interest in Lua and ancient weapons of Hawaii. Lua: Art of the Hawaiian Warrior offers an introduction to lua's history, philosophy, techniques, weapons, attire, and current training practices. Available through the Bishop Museum.


Ancient Weapons of Hawaii as Souveneirs

Believe it or not, you can actually take these ancient weapons of Hawaii back to the mainland.


Image0006 We found Tiki Master has rededicated a portion of its sculptors to the creation of authentic replicas of the ancient weapons of Hawaii. Made of Hawaiian woods and shark's teeth. 


Visit Mythic Hawaii for more information on ancient weapons of Hawaii. 

This site has a wealth of historical information, such as the fact that King Kamehameha used cannons in his battles.

Ancient weapons of Hawaii










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